Garage Insurance

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If your business sells, services, stores, or parks automobiles, your General Liability Insurance coverage may not be enough to protect you from lawsuits. Car dealerships, body repair shops, and gas stations are specialty businesses with special insurance needs. By combining parts of a Commercial General Liability policy with parts of a Business Auto Policy.

Garage Insurance guards against the unique risks associated with your automotive business including claims for injuries, mistakes, or property damage resulting from work you have done or unknowingly defective parts that you may have installed.

We can provide the coverages you need!

Building and Business Property Coverage Provides coverage for everything from building and computer systems to the car lifts and fuel pumps.

Tools and Equipment Coverage Provides coverage for small tools.

Garage-keepers Liability Provides collision and comprehensive coverage for your customers’s vehicles while they are in your care.

Business income and extra expense provides coverage for loss of business income resulting from an insured loss. Insure your net income and continuing normal operating expenses, including payroll.

Automobile insurance provides coverage for your tow truck, business vehicles and repair/dealer plates.

Workers Compensation provides coverage for an employee insured on the job.