Earthquake Insurance

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Believe it or not, the Northeast is earthquake country! No, it does not have the high frequency of earthquakes of California. However, the Northeast has experienced damaging earthquakes in the past and they will occur again in the future.  Information from Northeast States Emergency Consortium found Approximately 40-50 earthquakes are detected annually in the Northeast.

No standard homeowners policy covers direct damage from earth movement, which includes earthquakes, landslides and sinkholes.  However it can be added as a rider on most homeowners policy.   

Government disaster-relief programs are extremely limited—they are designed to help you get partly back on your feet, but not to replace your home and everything you lose. So if an earthquake strikes tomorrow, will you have the financial resources to pay for earthquake damage to your home and its contents? 

It is the belief that earthquake insurance is expensive. Based on the coverage options you decide on, earthquake insurance is very affordable. 

When you decide to purchase earthquake insurance, remember you should buy enough to cover the cost to rebuild your home as well as replace personal possessions. At St. Germain Insurance we can help determine the replacement value of your home.